This LA start-up is changing the way you experience winter

A new LA startup is changing how consumers are thinking about energy.

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There it is, that iconic scene that comes to mind when you think of California. Top down, wind blowing, palm trees, and sunshine set against a cotton candy blue sky. It’s the reason you either move to California or never leave it. What’s long been the home of surfing, fish tacos, and year-round shorts is also the home to an innovative new clean energy startup called Inspire. It wants to get you to switch to clean energy and eliminate the bill shock that comes with your winter energy bills.

Inspire is doing this through an innovative Netflix-style clean energy subscription, where no matter how extreme the weather, you’ll only pay one simple price each month.

Launched in 2014, and headquartered in Santa Monica, CA, Inspire is disrupting the energy industry one Netflix-style subscription at a time. It’s founded on the idea that energy should be simple and clean. Using as little as your address, it can forecast your entire home’s energy usage and eliminate the unpredictability that surrounds energy bills—taking the mystery out of connecting your home to clean energy.

Here’s how it works.

  1. Simply enter your address
  2. Seconds later you’ll get a personalized quote to power your home with wind energy.
  3. Enroll by entering few details like name and utility account number.

It’s a switch from using dirty to clean energy that’s simple, personalized, and environmentally sound. Get a free quote today.


Think about your Amazon prime or cable subscriptions. You buy, you ship, you watch, you record, yet your monthly price is already known. Why should your energy be any different? You’ll know your monthly energy costs for today and tomorrow and every day after. And if you like this, you’ll love what Inspire is doing next even more.

Inspire is fond of the motto “the cleanest energy is the energy that you don’t use”, so it’s also piloting a program to pay you to use less energy.

It’s a fundamental shift in the business and consumption models for the energy sector. But that’s the point. Instead of the usual, where utilities want you to use more energy to make more money, Inspire designed their business so that your experience is always at the forefront. It succeeds based on getting you to use clean energy—and less of it.

Inspire is currently in seven markets, located mostly on the east coast, but rapidly expanding to make sure every home in the U.S. is eventually powered by clean energy. Make the switch by signing up today.

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