Our Connected Movement

Uncovering ways to march together towards change with urgency and optimism.


There is a community - comprised of individuals, businesses, ideas, and technologies - that exists to do good. It’s a network of passionate and concerned forward thinkers, simultaneously fueled by two ideas: 1) Our planet is suffering from a man-made crisis, and 2) Hope for its recovery is nowhere close to lost. This community understands that the responsibility necessary for a more sustainable future resides in the individual choices we make because it powers a larger, impenetrable connected movement.

This community lives at Inspire.

In Connected Movement, we’ll be covering people, businesses, and organizations throughout our community that are making a difference in the fight against climate change. As these issues pervade, so has the necessity for expanded coverage of the efforts and actions of our local communities. By showcasing these crucial people and places, we hope to shine a brighter light on their strides and inspire more and more people to join our cause. As one connected movement, we’ll make progress towards a brighter energy future.

Have a neighbor who organizes your neighborhood tree planting events? Frequent a business that composts all their waste? Belong to a startup that creates awesome things to ensure a smarter, more sustainable future? Do you see a partnership between your organization and Inspire? We want to meet you! Send us a tip to marketing@helloinspire.com and let’s talk.

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