How to Set Up and Install the Ecobee3 Smart Thermostat

Automated temperature control in just 4 simple steps

ecobee3 1200 x 628

Is your old thermostat due for an upgrade? The ecobee3 is a good choice if you're looking to invest in smart home devices that make your life easier and save you money.

Just what makes the ecobee3 smart? It is Wi-Fi enabled and includes built-in sensors that can detect the temperature inside your house. You can also adjust it according to your personalized temperature schedule. While the ecobee3 is able to function as a normal manual thermostat, it actually does most temperature regulation automatically.

Imagine that: never having to get up from the warm confines of your couch in order to fuss with the temperature dial again. No more opening the door to a steaming oven of a house after a long day at work during the summer either. The ecobee3 knows when you'll be back and will make your home cool and pleasant in anticipation of your arrival.

Sounds pretty great, doesn't it? Before you start wondering what you ever did without a smart thermostat, you'll need to get it installed. Never fear, we've got your crash-course in ecobee3 installation ready for you below. In four easy steps, you’ll be enjoying the comforts of automated temperature in your own home.

  • Step 1: remove the old thermostat faceplate and backplate
  • Step 2: mount the ecobee3 backplate
  • Step 3: plug the wires into the terminal
  • Step 4: set the ecobee3 thermostat on the backplate and follow setup prompts; finish by connecting to WiFi and setting a personalized temperature schedule

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