Renewable Energy Questions & Answers

The things you need to know about switching to clean energy with Inspire


Member Support

How do I cancel?

To review your plan’s cancellation policy, you can reach out to our friendly member support team through email, chat or phone.

Do I need to notify my utility that I’m switching to Inspire?

No. Your choice is encouraged by both your local utility company and your state utility commission. Your utility will still manage delivery of your electricity, including responsibility for your poles, meters, wires, and outages.

Can I be an Inspire member if I’m on budget billing?

Each utility has different procedures with regard to customers on budget billing plans. Unfortunately, you cannot sign-up with Inspire if you are on budget billing. We recommend you check with your utility about switching to a third-party supplier, such as Inspire.

How does billing work? Do I pay Inspire directly?

Nothing changes about your billing except Inspire will take over the supply portion of your bill. You won't receive any additional charges, and there’s no new or secondary bill. You'll continue to pay your local utility company for the delivery of your electricity (including responsibility for your poles, meters, wires and outages) and Inspire will take over supplying you with 100% clean power.

How can I find Inspire on my bill?

Inspire's supply charge for our clean power will show up on the supply or generation section of your bill. It's often located after your distribution charges, which your utility still controls.

Is there any new equipment or change to my service?

No. Inspire is one of the easiest ways to make a big difference. Inspire works with your existing utility service, so you don’t have to install anything and your power won’t be interrupted.


What states are you in?

Inspire has happy members in Pennsylvania, Massachusetts, New York, New Jersey, Maryland, Ohio, and Illinois.

How do I become a member?

Put in your zip code below and see if we cover your area.

When are you coming to my area?

We’re adding new markets continually, and hope to release a national subscription in 2018.

Will Inspire cost more?

Maybe. As we have many different plans and options, Inspire's price may be higher at times than your local utility company or other suppliers. The good news is we're offering you 100% clean power every single month.

Clean Energy

What is a REC?

Renewable Energy Certificates (RECs) are certificates created by renewable energy projects when they produce energy.

Wind farms produce one REC for every megawatt-hour of electricity they generate. By producing RECs alongside the energy commodity, renewable energy projects are able to get compensated for the environmental benefit they create and earn more than non-renewable power sources. Over time, this stimulates increased demand for renewables.

Where does the renewable energy come from?

Inspire purchases wind RECs from projects throughout the U.S.

What is a kWh?

Energy is commonly measured per kilowatt-hour (kWh). A kWh represents the average amount of energy all of your devices pull from the grid each hour. Your home’s monthly kWh usage is measured using a meter connected to your house.

What type of renewable energy do you offer?

Today, we purchase energy from the grid plus RECs from renewable energy projects, like wind farms, across the country for each MWh of energy our members use.

How clean is my energy?

Like a smoothie, your power grid has lots of ingredients. Most existing power companies connect you with "dirty" energy sources like natural gas and coal. By choosing Inspire, pollution-free wind power is produced and placed on the grid for every kilowatt hour you use.

Learn more about your state’s energy “smoothie” below.

OH Smoothie

NJ Smoothie

PA Smoothie

MA Smoothie

MD Smoothie

How does the grid work?

Whether it’s from a coal plant or a wind farm, all energy gets placed on regional grids when it’s produced. Power is carried from a grid through high voltage transmission lines to demand centers, where distribution power lines carry power into people’s homes.

Can I still sign up for Inspire if I have rooftop solar?

Definitely. Many homes with solar still use more power than their panels generate.

Are there tax benefits to being an Inspire member?

There aren’t tax benefits to being an Inspire member.

Is it more expensive to choose clean power for my home?

As a technology, the cost of wind power has decreased exponentially over the last few years. That means that wind power isn’t necessarily more expensive than any other form of energy.

What is a deregulated market?

A deregulated market means you get to choose how to power your home or business! In a deregulated market, policy makers have decided to allow consumer choice when it comes to which energy companies provide energy for people’s homes and business. Currently, there are 18 states that have adopted some form of deregulation and there are more on the way.

What is a wind farm?

A wind farm is a group of turbines that provide power to the grid without creating pollution or carbon emissions. To learn more, check out our blog post on this topic.

What’s the difference between a REC and a carbon credit?

A carbon credit represent one ton of carbon emissions — or often greenhouse gas emissions more generally — that was avoided or otherwise offset. Carbon credits are used by businesses and countries to comply with regulations and commitments to reduce their output of climate warming emissions. Carbon credits can be purchased to offset emissions, which provides financial support to many carbon neutral or carbon offsetting efforts, such as renewable energy projects, forest protection and reforestation.

RECs, on the other hand, are specific to renewable energy production. They can be purchased by residential and commercial customers to match up their energy consumption with clean power.

Inspire Plans

What plans do you offer?

Variable Plans
With our variable rate plans, your energy supply rate can change each month. Some of our members prefer this option as the month-to-month plan offers flexibility and does not include a fee to cancel.
Fixed plans
With our fixed rate plans, you are charged per kWh at a pre-priced rate for a 6 or 12 month term. Some of our members prefer this option as our fixed plans offer kWh rate stability.
Clean energy subscription plan
With our Inspire One plan, you are not charged per kWh, but instead by a monthly subscription charge. You pay one secure energy supply price every month which is based on your home profile and energy usage. Inspire One provides all potential members with an individualized subscription plan that is unique to their home.
Note that not all plan options are available to all customers. Enter your zip code here to find out what plans are available in your area.

How does a variable plan work?

With our Inspire Flex plan, your energy supply rate can change each month. Some of our members prefer this option as the month-to-month plan offers flexibility and does not include a fee to cancel.

How does a fixed plan work?

With our Inspire Fixed plan, you are charged per kWh at a pre-priced rate for a 6 or 12 month term.

How does a clean energy subscription plan work?

With our Inspire One plan, you are not charged per kWh. You pay one secure energy supply price every month, which is based on your home profile and energy usage. This is how we are able to provide all potential members with an individualized subscription plan that is unique to their home.

How do I know which plan is right for me?

We strongly suggest choosing our Inspire One clean energy subscription plan as it's based off your specific home's energy profile and provides the easiest way to predict your monthly electricity bill.

Small Business

Why Clean Energy?

Clean energy utilizes natural resources like wind and solar, which are an infinite resource and are pollution-free, unlike fossil fuels. As such, they’re the modern way to power your business. Read up on why clean energy matters!

Why Inspire?

Besides being the seamless and modern choice, there are other benefits to being a Clean Power Partner. Consumers want to buy from brands that are socially conscious. This is your chance to get in on that movement. Switch to Inspire, and your customers will thank you.

What are the fees associated with an Inspire plan?

There is never any deposit required to start using clean energy. Variable rate plans are billed on how many kilowatt hours (kWh) your business uses each month. No fees there! Fixed rate plans have a locked in price for a set period, though cancellation fees will apply if you decide to change your service before the term ends.

Will my service be interrupted?

No. Your energy supply account will seamlessly transition to Inspire within 2-4 weeks of your business’s enrollment.

How can I make my customers aware of my switch?

Easy! With our Clean Power Partner Toolkit, you will have all the assets you need to tout your switch to clean energy with Inspire.

Rewards & Referrals

How can I share Inspire?

As an Inspire member, you receive a unique referral code that you can send to friends and family. We send you a refer a friend email, and you can always reach out to Member Support to get this link sent to you. For each friend that signs up, we'll send you $25 and your friend a $25 sign up bonus. There are no limits to how much you can earn!

I referred a friend. When will I receive my referral reward?

Once the person you referred is accepted by their local utility, it will trigger your $25 bonus Mastercard to be sent out. You will receive an email from Virtual Incentives so you can redeem your reward by email or by mail, whichever you prefer. You should receive your prepaid Mastercard in the mail in 4-6 weeks, or via email in 1-2 weeks.

I was referred by a friend. When do I earn the $25 bonus for being referred?

You have to be an active member with Inspire for 2 full months to receive your referral bonus. Once you have been an active member for 2 months, you will receive your prepaid Mastercard reward either in the mail, or it will be sent to your email address if there is one on file.

What rewards do you offer?

Depending on the plan you choose, you can receive 1) 3% annual cashback + a $25 sign-up bonus after 3 months 2) 1% cashback and 3) Unlimited rewards through our Refer a Friend program.

How does the cash back work?

It’s actually quite simple. You support clean energy by paying your same utility bill each month, and in return, eligible customers can earn a percentage of your supply charges back in the form of a loyalty “thank you”! You’ll be able to redeem your cash back reward through a virtual (email) or physical Mastercard (through the mail), whichever you prefer. The great news--you’ll earn each year you’re a member. It’s our way of thanking you for your loyalty and support. Depending on your usage, your cash back reward might be as much as one month of electricity!

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