Begins with you

A brighter energy future

Since day one, we’ve prevented the equivalent of 1,190,747 metric tons of GHG. We envision a world where clean energy is a universal standard, (em)powered by our next generation. You make an impact not just within your own life, but within the lives of others.

It's about Accessibility

Making clean energy a universal standard.

84% of the planet has access to electricity. Of this group, only 15% has access to renewable forms. We’re here to change that.


A brighter energy future

Let's ditch fossil fuels

Switching to renewable energy means cleaner air, water, and a healthier planet. Access to renewables empowers you to be part of the solution.

You are essential to

Powering the modern world.

For every new Inspire member, we donate $1 to support cleantech education through our Do The Bright Thing platform. For every 10 Inspire members, we are able to supply light, internet, and computer access to a student in need.

Do The Bright Thing’s mission is to accelerate cleantech education and mentorship across the globe, with an emphasis on underserved individuals. We plan to touch people in every city, town, and community.

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Together we are

Giving light to those in need.

Through our Do The Bright Thing platform, we’ve joined forces with GivePower to provide light to communities in need. In 2018, we provided light and internet access to 10,000 students.

Our collective impact is boundless

From the U.S. all the way to Nepal, you’re growing our connected movement.

B corp

Using business as a force for good.

We are proud to be a certified B Corporation, safeguarding people and our planet. It’s no longer enough for businesses to create useful products and services. We must create valuable products and services that have an underlying social responsibility.

Public transparency is an important standard for all B Corps. To uphold it, we’re proud to share the background behind our impact.