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The Inspire Impact Scholarship awards students for helping small businesses reduce energy in their community.

Green Impact Scholarship with Inspire

Rewarding students who help businesses improve their energy efficiency

2016 Fall Semester Winners

It was our challenge to students to be effective in their local communities, and we’re thrilled to announce the winners of the Fall Semester.

Both Rachel and Elizabeth really took the mission to heart and exhibited the values we at Inspire seek to foster in the next generation of movers and shakers.

Elizabeth Bezilla
Rachel Hennessey

2017 Spring Scholarship details

Inspire joins forces with Green Impact Campaign (GIC) to create the Inspire Impact Scholarship. Each semester, two students will be awarded for their outstanding work in helping reduce the energy use of small businesses in their local community.

The two student volunteers that complete the most energy assessments for small businesses within a six-month period will be awarded with the Inspire Impact Scholarship.

  • Must be a registered student volunteer with Green Impact Campaign (GIC)
  • Must be a college student enrolled at an accredited U.S. college/university or a graduate student enrolled at an accredited U.S. graduate program
  • Students must complete 10 or more energy assessments to be eligible for the first place prize
  • Students must complete 5 or more energy assessments to be eligible for the second place prize
  • If no students meet these thresholds, no prizes are distributed
  • GIC will verify all energy assessments completed by awardees prior to disbursement

The Inspire Impact Scholarship award will be distributed over two competition periods - Spring and Fall - to a first place and second place winner. The Inspire Impact Scholarship is sponsored by Inspire, and distributed and managed by GIC.

The total annual scholarship award amount is $3,000.

Competition periods:
Spring (January - June)
Fall (July - December)

First place prize: $1,000
Second place prize: $500

Impact Scholarship

GIC and Inspire are dedicated to providing students with access to hands-on energy education, career opportunities in clean energy technology - and the ability to impact their local communities.

About Green Impact Campaign

Green Impact Campaign (GIC) is a nonprofit organization bringing student volunteers and small businesses together to mitigate climate change. GIC provides students accross the country with tools and training to go out and conduct free energy assessments for small businesses in their community.

Inspire is proud to support GIC and their student volunteers in building a cleaner, better future!