Make a Difference by Choosing Renewable Energy

You can help your communities and the planet by choosing renewable energy.

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Little Changes, Big Difference

It takes just minutes to become an Inspire member and make the world a better place for all of us.

Every day, that one choice adds up to make a big difference. The longer you are a member, the bigger an impact you make. Here’s a look at how your carbon footprint is reduced over time.

Affordable Renewable Energy


After 2 days as a member, it's like planting one tree.
Affordable Renewable Energy


You've prevented the carbon emissions equal to burning 741 pounds of coal.
Affordable Renewable Energy


Your clean energy use is equivalent to keeping a gas-powered car off the road for 19,815 miles.

Source: EPA's Greenhouse Equivalencies Calculator

When you choose Inspire and 100% clean energy you are saying no to planet polluting fossil fuels and yes to a new energy future.

For years, I paid my energy bill without much thought. Now, I feel really good knowing I’m contributing to a cleaner environment.
Amanda D.
York, PA

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