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The Power of Teamwork

Why partner with us.

At Inspire, we strive to simplify consumer adoption of clean energy and smart technology. Our vision—to create a world where every home is a smart home powered by clean energy—is big, and the impact we hope to make is even bigger. To accomplish it, we need help from others who share our mission, values, and desire to form a connected movement of doing well by doing good.

Our partners are

  • Mission-driven
  • Tech enthusiasts
  • Focused on doing good
  • Sustainable
  • Impact-focused

What we look for

Customer Acquisition & Sales

Organizations that specialize in small-medium business customer acquisition in field, face-to-face, retail, or phone based settings.

Perks: Inspire provides full support: Brand Materials, Uniforms, tablet-based enrollment platform + digital training, reporting, and performance analytics.


Retailers interested in demonstrating environmental responsibility by providing customers with an option to support clean energy.

Perks: Inspire helps you build customer loyalty with a unique, positive in-store experience that gets customers excited to supporting clean energy.

Clean Power Partners

Businesses looking for ways to become more environmentally conscious.

Perks: Inspire provides a customized clean energy plan for your business, as well as social media promotion and unlimited rewards.

Smart Energy™ Partners

IoT, energy efficiency, and demand response partners interested in working with a vertically integrated clean energy company.

Perks: Inspire’s growing customer base has demonstrated a desire to invest in clean energy. Get your products into more homes with Inspire’s line of smart energy products.


Mission-aligned organizations that aspire to create simple and impactful energy products and experiences.

Perks: Inspire cross-promotes your business to its target market through incentivizing marketing campaigns, in addition to exclusive clean energy offers for your customers.


Non-profit organizations that align with our mission and values, and/or organizations invested in clean-tech education and implementation.

Perks: Inspire’s always looking to volunteer. We’re interested in partnering with companies interested in earning donations for helping acquire new Inspire members.

Let’s connect.

Send a note to partnerships@helloinspire.com and let us know what you're interested in and why. Be sure to include your organization name, website, and contact info!