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Control your smart home from anywhere, through one app.

Automating, monitoring and managing your

smart home has never been so simple.

Message and data rates may apply.

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Simple subscription

Connect to one flat subscription for 100% clean power, and never worry about bill shock again.

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Custom scenes

Create scenes personalized to the way you live. Whether it’s coming, going, crashing, or chilling.

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Personalized Support

Tell the app what you like and teach your tech to anticipate your needs.

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Tech support

Take the trouble out of troubleshooting with best-in-class member support.

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I thought setting up a smart home was going to be a pain. Inspire made it a breeze. Up and running in minutes!

Kate from Philadelphia

Beta User

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One app to rule them all.


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The only feed you need.

  • Instantly access your devices and scenes
  • Relevant notifications when you need them
  • Daily weather and news updates
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Home command center.

  • Sync your home to the way you live
  • One touch thermostat, lighting control, & scenes
  • All your devices in one place
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Power in your palm.

  • Get rewarded when you live smarter
  • See your positive impact on the environment
  • Track usage and learn how to reduce
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Track, manage, & save.

  • Add the home projects you want to tackle
  • Set money aside for projects you want to save for
  • Opt-in for alerts when something is up

Get the app.

Message and data rates may apply.

Download the Inspire app on the Apple App Store Download the Inspire app on the Google Play Store