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Simplify your energy.
Streamline your life.

Switch to the world's first clean energy subscription.

See if you qualify

Subscription plans as low as $39/month

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Sign up is simple.

3 steps (and 5 minutes)

Plug in your address

Start by entering your address. This helps us quote your custom, flat, clean energy subscription price.

Pick a plan

Next, choose your plan. Inspire offers variable, fixed, and a variety of subscription plans that include one flat monthly supply price and smart home devices.

Sign Up

Make the switch to 100% clean energy in 5 minutes or less. Submit your application to enroll, and we'll send it to your utility to ensure a seamless switch to Inspire.

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That's right
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Energy + Smart Devices.

One subscription.

Pay one flat monthly supply price for clean energy & a smarter home.

100% clean


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Smart device


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It's your home.

Make it smart.

Make it a reflection of you. In sync with the environment. With tech that makes automation and control easy. And clean energy that’s efficient, consistent and uncomplicated.

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Just for you.

Every clean energy subscription plan is custom fit to the way you live.

We analyze and scrutinize all of life’s complex energy data (the stuff you shouldn’t have to worry about), combine it with information about you, your home plus a few secret ingredients — and bam: you’ve got yourself a stress-free energy plan. Priced just for you.

  • One straightforward supply price
    that stays the same every month
  • Clean wind power
    that’s good for the world
  • Cash rewards
    when you use less energy
  • Smart device packs
    included to kickstart your smart home
  • One Smart Home app
    to control all your devices from anywhere

Members are raving
about our smart energy plans.


In your palm.

Automating, monitoring and managing your smart home has never been so simple.

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